Introduction to Arbor - Teacher's Guide

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This guide contains:

  • Logging in
    • Logging in for the first time
    • Returning to Arbor
    • Help, I can’t log in!
  • Arbor Dashboard
  • Lesson Dashboard
    • Run your classes
    • Know your students
    • Logging behaviour or sending communications
  • Taking attendance
  • Top Tips
    • Arbor Tips
      • Searching within Arbor
      • Bulk Selecting
      • Bulk Selecting in Drop-down menus
      • Using the Top Navigation Effectively
      • Search the Help Centre!
    • Computer Tips
      • Using URLs
      • Duplicating Tabs
      • Saving Favourite Tabs
      • Using Back
      • Taking screenshots
  • Troubleshooting- Why isn’t Arbor working?
  • Teacher’s checklist 

More resources

Getting started:

In the Classroom:


Top Tips and Troubleshooting:



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