The main Arbor Dashboard

This is the first screen that you will see when you log in to your school's Arbor site.



The Top Bar

You will see the top bar throughout Arbor.

Clicking the school logo will bring you back to the Dashboard from whichever page you are on. 

When you click on a menu button, it will show you a drop-down menu of your Arbor pages.

Any notifications will appear in the speech bubble next to the Arbor logo. 

You can search for anyone in Arbor using the Search Box. The search will start to filter once you type two or more letters.

Clicking 'Help' will take you to the Arbor Help Centre. The Help Centre contains useful articles, guides, and updates.

You can sign out of Arbor by clicking the link next to your name.


My Items

This menu takes you to your main personal areas within Arbor. 

'My Account' takes you to your profile, where you can change personal details, view your classes, cover, calendar, and communications.

'My Calendar' takes you to your individual calendar.

'My Classes' shows all the classes that are assigned to you.

'My Communications' takes you to your communication dashboard.

'My Cover' lists lessons you have been asked to cover and lessons others are covering for you.

'My Dashboard' brings you back to this main Arbor screen.


Quick Actions

The 'Quick Actions' bar gives you a list of specific tasks that you can perform (depending on your permissions) without having to navigate to a module.

This includes:

  • Taking Attendance
  • Logging a behavioural incident
  • Adding behaviour points
  • Creating an event
  • Sending a message via email/SMS 
  • Issuing a detention
  • Arranging an intervention


The Daily Dashboard

The Daily Dashboard is the first information you will see in Arbor.



The dashboard shows the current key KPIs for the school. When you hover over an item, a box will pop up showing more information. You can access further analysis pages by clicking on items in this area.


The Attainment section of Dashboard displays three KPIs which provide an overview of currently enrolled students' progress at present. The figures show a percentage statistic for students who are overall at their target, below or above their target.


Further data analytics information may be achieved by clicking on the appropriate KPI that needs reviewing in more detail. Once clicked, a side panel is displayed and lists different student groups and demographics, and presents the respective percentage statistic for the selected KPI.



The defaulted list of student groups may be filtered by clicking on "All Student Groups" link and selecting as appropriate.


An alternative way of reviewing progress data for the selected KPI is to select whether to review data by groups or students. The top-right tabs allow users to switch views and analyse statistics corresponding to individual students. 


Each data statistic that is returned when working on the Dashboard KPI or when filtering through the side panel, further information is presented through a tool-tip window when hovering your mouse onto the particular data cell.


Favourite Links

Clicking on any of the Favourite Links will take you to the main dashboard for each specific section.

The options available within Favourite links is based on your Business Role and Permissions. As such, it is not possible to customise what links are available here.


My Calendar

This shows all your upcoming classes for the day.

If you click on a class, it will take you to your register for that class



Latest announcements

This shows any important announcements that the school would like to share.

Admins can create announcements by clicking on the title 'Latest announcements' and then clicking on 'Create new notice' on the following page.





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