Logging a Behaviour Incident

You can log an incident in one of four ways depending on your role and the situation.

From the Homepage

Clicking on 'Quick Actions' gives you a drop-down menu, select Log a behavioural incident.



A slide-over box will appear where you can Log New Behaviour Incident and you can fill the details out to create a new incident.



From the lesson dashboard as a teacher

From your Arbor Dashboard, click My calendar > Click on the class you want to view in My Calendar



Click +Add on the Behaviour table.



From a student's profile

You can either type the student's name in the search box at the top-right of your page or you can also browse students to select the profile of the student in question.

When on the Student Profile select Behaviour from the left-hand menu and click on the Incidents tab. Click +Add on the Behavioural Incidents table.



From the Behaviour Dashboard

You can select Behaviour from your main Dashboard 'Favourite Links' or select Students > Behaviour > Incidents. Once on the Incidents Dashboard click the Log New Incident button.


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