Resolving a Behaviour Incident

You can view incidents assigned to and watched by you within the Behavioural Incidents Dashboard.  Just go to Students > Behaviour > Incidents > Dashboard.

Within the Dashboard you can view incidents that are assigned to you, watched by you and any incidents resolved in the past week.



From these tabs, you can click on any incident and be taken to an overview page of that recorded incident.



You can resolve the incident if it has been dealt with and consequences have occurred. You can also unresolve the incident if circumstances change and further action or investigation is needed.

On the right-hand side there are orange buttons to Take Action or Resolve if the incident is Unresolved.

Click on the orange Resolve button to resolve it.



Once you have resolved an assigned incident it will move to the Resolved in Last Week section of the Behaviour Incidents Dashboard.

The options under 'Take Action' are:



Automated follow-ups with guardians can be set for certain or all behaviours within the behaviour workflow in the behaviour setup.

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