How should a Teacher take attendance?

Please do not display the register on your Smart Board. This is because your students will then be able to see any comments and pastoral notes.

Finding the register

1. On your home screen, you will see a box on the left-hand side called My Calendar as seen below.



2. This will bring you to the teacher calendar/timetable.

From here, click on the class which you'd like to take the register for, which will lead you to the lesson overview. 



3. From the lesson overview, you may select the Take register option, which will open your class register!


You can also get to your calendar by clicking

Quick Actions> Take Attendance


My Items > My calendar


This will allow you to view your upcoming calendar.  You may select the appropriate class which will take you to the point at which you are able to click Take register in the same way displayed in point 3 above.

Note: If you are taking a class for another teacher, use the search box to find the teacher, then click their calendar on the left and select the class.


Taking the register

The display can be switched to List view or Profile view by clicking on the respective button.

To take attendance in list view, simply click on the drop-down list next to each student name and select the appropriate mark.

To take attendance in profile view, simply click on the appropriate mark. 

You can also choose to skip to the next student by clicking on Skip.

Past week shows you the student's attendance marks for the previous week.

To return to the lesson overview click on Return To Lesson Dashboard.



If a student is marked absent Arbor will automatically show the screen below, offering the teacher an opportunity to add any additional text. This can be ignored by pressing cancel.



A similar screen is shown if late is selected.

The quickest way to enter marks is to click the Mark All Blanks as Present button, either at the top of the page (if all students are present) or at the bottom once just the absences and lates are entered.

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