How do I view My Classes?

My Classes

Selecting My Classes from the My Items list will take you to a view where you can see all the classes, year groups, and courses that you are associated with.

You can also select 'My Classes' from the Favourite Links section on your home screen.



View Classes by Academic Year

For an overview of all classes, from the drop-down menu at the top of the page follow

School > Programmes > *select the appropriate programme year*

This will give you a list of all courses/classes available at your school for the selected academic year.



You may then choose any of these by clicking on the individual class.  



This will take you to an overview of the selected class, where you are able to view information such as academic leads, timetable, and students enrolled in the class.



View Classes by Enrolment

Alternatively, you may wish to view classes through the route shown below:

Students > Enrolment > Houses/Reg forms/Teaching Groups/Year Groups

Here, you can see enrolled students grouped by Houses, Registration Forms, Teaching Groups, Demographics and Year Groups. 



View Classes via Attendance

If you wish to view classes to update attendance, you may like to use this option.  From the drop-down menu at the top of the page select:

Students > Attendance

From here, you can view classes by date and can also edit attendance.  


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