Viewing sent and received Communications

Viewing the Communications Dashboard

The Communications Dashboard allows you to view any communication sent to and from your school. You can also send emails, letters and SMSs communications out to your school contacts from here.  

Click on 'Communication' in the Favourite Links box on your home screen. Alternatively, go to School > Communications > All School Communications. 

This will take you to the communications dashboard which will allow you to view all communications made via the left-hand menu. These are displayed showing the most recent first.

Clicking into each communication type provides a more compact and filtered view of what has been sent out, be it emails, SMS, letter etc.



You can see the name of the staff member who has sent an email or SMS (both single and mail merge) on behalf of the school by clicking the message.




Communications via the Student Profile

You can view communications associated with one student by going to Students > All Students > Browse Students then select the student you want to look up.

Alternatively, you can search for the student by typing their name into the search bar in the top right-hand corner.

Next, choose Communication & Notes from the left-hand side menu.



You can click on 'All communication types' to filter communications to a specific type, eg emails or letters. If you select 'Emails' you will only see emails sent out regarding the student.


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