How do I transfer a student between classes?

To transfer a student between classes navigate to the student's current class following this route:

School > Programmes > 2016/17 Courses > Select relevant class

Scroll down to the 'Enrolled students' section, click the box next to the relevant student's name and click on the highlighted blue pencil. Select 'Transfer Students' option to start the process.



This displays a new screen with a basic overview of the student and which class they are in.

Click on the drop down arrow from the 'New Course' section to select the student's new class and the day the student is starting this new class. The new date selected will be the first day that the student will be in the new class and therefore they will stop showing in the old class the day before this.


Make sure to click on the green 'Transfer' button for all the changes to save and generate on Arbor. The student will now show as a former student in their previous class. 
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