Why isn't Arbor working?

If you are having performance issues with Arbor MIS, our website or the Help Centre, there are a few things you can check:

1. Check your internet connection.
   a) Do other websites load ok?
   b) Check the speed of your connection - you can use a site such as https://www.speedtest.net

2. Check your computer.
   a) Have you got many other applications open?
   b) Have you rebooted your computer recently?

3. Is the problem just with your computer/browser?
   a) Check another computer, or ask a colleague to check Arbor on their computer.
   b) Arbor is optimised for Chrome. If you are using another browser, there may be issues.

4. If the problem is on more than one computer, ask your IT department if there are any issues.
   a) If you are using mobile computers/laptops, try connecting through 3g to rule internet problems in or out.

5. If the school is using a firewall or antivirus, ask your IT department to ensure that *.arbor.sc is added to any whitelist.

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