Setting up automatic Attainment or Progress Target rules

School target rules can be used to automatically set targets for groups of students within an assessment so that these don’t have to be set manually.

There are two types of school target rules:

  • An Attainment Target Rule will specify the actual attainment that you expect a group of students to achieve at the end of the year.
  • A Progress Target Rule will specify the progress that each student should make during the year.

Go to Students > Assessments > Annual Policy > School Expectations and click on the row of the relevant assessment.



Click on Create rule for...



A slide-over will appear that explains how school target rules are calculated. You have the option to select either Setup Attainment Target Rule or Setup Progress Target Rule.


A slide-over will appear with different fields to complete, depending on the type of rule that has been selected. Complete the fields as required and then click on Create.



A box will appear warning that existing targets will be recalculated. Click the green box to confirm that you would like to create the rule.



Note: You should only set up only one school target rule for an assessment for each group of students.

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