Creating Email/SMS/Letter Templates

Creating a new template

With this feature, you can create Custom Templates for Emails, SMS and Letters. You can tweak the preset templates used for features that send out messages like Attendance Follow-Up.  

To create a new template go to, School > Communication > Templates:

  1. Select whether you want to create an Email, SMS or Letter template
  2. Select the ‘+Add’ button, from here you get directed to the main Email, SMS or Letter template page.
  3. Add a Template name. Create the template you wish to use and save the template.
  4. Use the Template within either Email, SMS or Letter section of the communication module.




Communication Templates

You can link Communication templates to a Custom Report. Create a report in the Custom Report Writer, then go to School > Communications > Templates to create an Email, SMS or letter template using data from the report as merge field. Perfect for following up with parents about low attendance marks!



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