Setting up Behaviour Points

Behaviour Points are a great way to record positive and negative occurrences in your school. 

To setup behaviour points you must first create and define your scale.


Creating your new Point Award Scale

Go to Students > Behaviour > Setup, then select the Point Awards tab. Click +Add to add a new scale.



Choose the ‘directionality’ of your point scale.  This can be positive, negative or neutral.  A positive scale refers to an increase in points given over time, negative refers to the scale deducting points, a neutral scale means that points can either be rewarded or deducted.  

Select your minimum and maximum points.  This is the number of points you can distribute to a student at any one time.

Choose a point reset cycle.  This is how often the points will reset, this can be weekly, termly, yearly or never.

Choose how much information about this set of points to display on the Parent Portal. For more information on what is shown on the Parent Portal and how to edit it, click here.


Then click Create Point Award Scale.



Your scale will then be set up. You will then need to add reasons and attributes (see the section below).



You can assign standard behaviours to receive a set amount of points to increase the efficiency and consistency of the points system in your school. You can add as many or few attributes as you wish!

In the Reasons/Attributes bar select +Add.



In the slide over that appears, name the reason/attribute for which points will be awarded/deducted and how many points will be awarded/deducted for this specific behaviour.

Finish by clicking on the green Add Reason/Attribute button.



Editing an existing scale

You can edit existing scales by clicking the scale and clicking Manage Point Award Scale.



You can then edit any of the information or add more reasons.




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