How do I set up and schedule sessions for Intervention Groups?

Creating intervention groups

After an intervention has been created, or during the setup, it is possible to schedule intervention groupsInterventions can have multiple scheduled and unscheduled intervention groups.

To add groups to an existing intervention, go to Students > Interventions > Select the InterventionYou will be on the Overview tab.



Click +Add in the Intervention Groups section, and update the slide over to add another group.



Scheduling intervention groups

After an intervention has been created with groups, you can schedule individual groups to have sessions at different times or places - just like other scheduled sessions within Arbor.


Unscheduled sessions

Please Note: Some intervention groups do not need to be scheduled (e.g. students on a report card). These can be left as Unscheduled. It is also possible to have a mix of scheduled and unscheduled intervention groups.

Unscheduled intervention groups are particularly useful for monitoring the progress of a group of students without taking them out of lessons.

This may be useful when an intervention needs to escalate e.g. in a ‘Behaviour Intervention’, students may start on a ‘Level 1 report card’ which is unscheduled, but then escalate to ‘Level 2 one to one mentoring’ intervention which is a scheduled session at 8:00 am until 8:10 am every day.


To create an unscheduled intervention group, simply create the group and leave it as unscheduled.


Scheduled sessions

From the Intervention overview page, select the group you would like to schedule sessions for.


Click on Intervention sessions on the left-hand menu.



Click +Add to choose which type of session to schedule. In my example, I have selected the option to schedule regular interventions.



Select the days of the week you want the intervention to run on. Here you can choose which week to run on if your school runs a two-week timetable, as shown below. When you have selected your settings, click the Schedule intervention sessions button.

You can choose whether to require an attendance register or a room - great for interventions that take place outside school hours or classrooms.



Enrolling Students in an Intervention Group

Enrolling students can be done from the Intervention Overview. If you have set up groups in this intervention, select the group you would like to add students into.



Click +Add from the Enrolled Students tab, then update the slide over.



You can also enrol students from the Enrol Students page.



Enrolling a student who doesn’t meet the Intervention Criteria

If a student falls outside the defined intervention criteria, you can still enrol them into the intervention from the Enrol Students page.

Click the Enrol a different student button.


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