Managing the Students in Intervention groups

You can manage students in interventions by going to the Intervention Group Overview. Go to Students > Interventions. Select the Intervention.



Here you can see all the details of your interventions and the groups within it.



To manage students in intervention groups you must first have added some participant criteria during the setup of the intervention. Take a look at this article which explains how to do this.


Transferring students between groups

To change which students are enrolled in which group, go to the Intervention Overview and click on the Students tab. Here you can see all the students enrolled in one of the Intervention groups.



Select the tick boxes next to the students you would like to transfer to a different group and click the blue pencil icon. Select Transfer students.



In the slide over you can then confirm the group to transfer these students into.



You can also complete this action from within an intervention group but in this case, you can only transfer students out of the group.



From the Enrolled Students tab, select the tick boxes next to the students to transfer, then click the blue pencil icon.



Select the group for these students to be transferred to then click the green Transfers button.




Unenroling students

To unenroll students go to the Intervention Overview and click the Students tab. Select the students to unenroll then click the blue pencil icon.



This will remove them from the intervention entirely, effective from the following day.


You can also unenroll students in a similar way from the Group Overview page or the Manage Students page.





The Enrol Students page

This page shows a list of all of the students within school that meet the intervention’s Participant Criteria. Students can be enrolled in the intervention by using the Enrol students bulk action.



Adding Students to Intervention Groups

Students can be enrolled in an intervention group by using the bulk actions found on tables throughout Arbor.

To enrol students in an intervention:

  • Select the tick symbol a the start of the student column
  • From the bulk actions dropdown, select Add to existing Intervention Group
  • Select the appropriate intervention and intervention group from the Select an intervention slide over
  • Click Add to Intervention


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