how do I analyse Provision Mapping?

Provision Map

Go to Students > Interventions > Provision Map.

The Provision Map page shows a general overview of each intervention, the number of enrolled students, groups, hours per week, interventions per week, the projected cost and the success rate of the intervention.



Individual Provision Map

Go to Students > Interventions > Individual Provision Map.

The Individual Provision Map provides an overview of all students enrolled in interventions and lists the status and duration of the intervention definition they are enrolled in.



You can filter this list by a specific date range or a specific cohort of students.

For example, you may want to look at all pupil premium students who are making below target progress for KS 1.

Click the filters at the top of the age to change who is shown in the table. Define your time period and define the student cohorts you are interested in analysing. 



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