Uploading photos in bulk

You can bulk upload photos of students and staff directly to Arbor from files located on your computer.

When creating the files for staff and students, it is recommended that you use one of the following identifiers to name each file. This is the most vital part of the process. Naming the files clearly and all in the same style will make your upload a smooth and simple process. 

For example, when naming James Smith's photo file, any of the following formats are acceptable to the Bulk Uploader.

> Arbor Staff ID (e.g. 1234.jpg)

> Staff Number (e.g. 1234567.jpg)

> First Name & Last Name (e.g. JamesSmith.jpg)

> Initial & Last Name (e.g. JSmith.jpg)

> Arbor Student ID (e.g. 1234.jpg)

> Student Number (e.g. 1234567.jpg)

> Student UPN (e.g. H0000000001234.jpg)

There are different routes to reach the Photo Uploader depending on whether you are uploading Staff or Student photos. 


Student photos

Students > All Students > Bulk Update > Student Photos

Tip: If you're having issues uploading student photos, try uploading photos one year group at a time.


Staff Photos

School > All Staff > Bulk Update > Staff Photos

In the right-hand panel, there is a set of instructions on how to start the upload process. Once you have read the instructions and are happy with your file names or 'identifiers', click on the green 'Start New Upload' button and follow the instructions on how to upload the file. Files can be uploaded from computer, captured with a webcam or drag and dropped into the upload area.



Once uploaded you can match the photos to the suggested student or staff profiles (this is where the names of the files or the 'identifiers' play an important part.). Confirm that the system's suggestions are correct and click on 'Confirm Matches' then you can either continue adding more files or mark the upload as complete.

DO NOT select 'Mark the Upload as Complete' until you have confirmed matches. 

NB. You do have the option to choose "No Identifier" and match all photos manually (not recommended, but available as a last resort!).


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