How do I create an Incident Workflow?

You can assign positive or negative ‘severities’ to incidents using incident workflows.  

You can use these to ensure your behaviour policy is followed consistently by setting up key actions (or workflows) to happen automatically for each level of incident.  All incidents assigned to a specific severity level will follow the workflow setup.

For example, you may want to notify a student's head of year for a level 3 negative incident, and their form tutor for a level 2 negative incident.

You can set this up by going to Students > Behaviour > Setup > Incident Workflows.



Setting up an Example Workflow

Example - Level 1 Negative

Select the severity you would like to set up the workflow for.  From this page, you can choose specific actions you'd like to happen for a Level 1 Negative incident.

You will be presented with the following workflow options:


Each of these can be clicked into and according to your wishes, can be either set up or not, depending on your behaviour policy and procedures.  As you click into each option, a brief description of each will be given.

You can set up further workflows for all the severity levels, all with different workflows should you wish. Enter the number of incidents required to escalate to the next level.

Then select the time period these incidents must occur in. Finally, select the level you would like to escalate to. Then click save.



Note:  The Add/deduct points option is associated with any point award scales which you have set up. Please see the guide How to setup Behaviour Points for more help with this.

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