12th October 2017


Modules with updates - Student Profiles, Reporting, Staff Profiles, Communications,


Student Profile Updates

Planned Absences Now Auto-Unpin

You've always been able to pin planned absences to the top of a student's profile. The problem was they would stay there forever. Now, they will 'auto-unpin' after the end of the planned absence!

You can also choose multiple students or multiple student groups at once when logging planned absences too.

More New Pins 

All these items can now be pinned to the top of student profiles. 

1. Medical Plans

2. Individual Education Plans

3. Dietary Requirements

4. FSM

5. In Care

6.  Service Child

7. Traveller

8. Has Medical Condition

9. Protected Child

10. In Year Admission

11. SEN is replaced with the actual SEN Status (e.g. `EHC Plan` or `SEN Support`)

Please note, these badges will only be visible to staff with the appropriate permissions.


File Attachments

You can now also upload file attachments to:

- SEN Status Assignments

- School Events

- Meetings

- Planned Absences


New CRW field: Previous Postal Addresses

We have created a new field in Custom Report Writer where you can pull out previous postal addresses. This will help output reports with the former postal addresses of students, guardians and staff for safeguarding & statutory compliance reasons.


CTF Export Tweaks

When exporting CTFs, you can now choose multiple groups of students at once.

When viewing historic CTF Exports we now show the name of the school, rather than just their Establishment number.


Enrolment Statistics & Reporting

1. You can now group by GENDER as an additional option in the Enrolment Statistics page.

2. The Persistent Absentees report now has a checkbox "Only currently enrolled students".

3. Planned Absences, Broken Weeks and Continuous Absence reports are all now downloadable.

4. On the Planned Absences report, you can now bulk delete in case you added lots of notes by mistake.


Lesson Demographic Breakdown

There is now a breakdown of key demographic indicators like Pupil Premium and EAL on the Lesson Demographics page. This will helps teachers quickly see which students in their class belong to these groups.





The Meal Sheet is now available to download and print on a per-sitting basis in addition to All Sittings.




Staff Profiles

1.Staff members joining (and leaving date, if applicable) are now shown at the top of the staff profile in their info panel.

2. When recording staff absences the "Record New Absence" slide over now allows you to choose multiple staff at once - e.g. for logging absences for 3 staff on the same training day.

3.  The Staff Absences Grid now lists absences starting with the most recent at the top.

4.   You can now filter by staff/staff groups on the Staff Absences page.

5.   You can also filter on the individual staff profile page by absence date or category.


Staff Photo Sheets 

Printing off staff photo sheets - just like you are able to for student photo sheets. 



Calendars will default to the much more useful 5-day view by default instead of the monthly view.


Staff Cover

We have now made it easier to choose suitable staff when allocating cover for lessons. 

When choosing staff for cover you can now see each staff member's role/job title when picking cover - e.g. `John Smith (Music Tutor)`

Also, the view will show clearly if they are unavailable - e.g. `John Smith (Unavailable)`




1. When printing labels we have added an extra option to add your school logo.

2 . You can now choose to output the guardian's salutation (e.g. Mr & Mrs. Bennett) on the labels sheet. This lets school address parents more formally.



Send Mail Merges to Courses/Classes & Teaching Groups

When sending a mail merge email, SMS or letter, Courses/Classes or Teaching Groups are now an option available as recipients.

For example, this lets schools easily notify all students in a particular class that there's a change of room.

Mail merge pronouns into comms

You can now mail merge into emails/SMS/letters these pronouns about the student: he/she/they, him/her/them or his/her/their.





One letter/SMS/email per household

There is a new option when sending bulk emails, SMS and letters to 'combine' multiple messages to the same recipient or household.

This will help in not having to send duplicate text messages to the same parent, or print duplicate letters to go to the same household. 




Email all the teachers of a specific student 

The new option which is available on the Compose Mail Merge email screen lets you send a message to all the course leads for any student in the school.

For example, this could be used to easily let all of the course teachers know about a student's new medical condition or an absence.




Extra Mail Merge Fields when composing an Email/SMS/Letter

1. Recipient: Salutation + Postal Address

2. Student: Photo, Date Of Birth, Form Tutor, Head of Year





Clubs Now Available in Recipients List

1.  When sending bulk Email/SMS/Letter, you can pick any clubs from the recipients' list.

2.  You can either email the students themselves, or the Primary Guardians of those students.


Send another email like this

Now you can select any email in the Mail Merge History and copy it to use it as the starting point for a new mail merge email. Schools told us how useful this was with SMS so we have extended to emails too! 


Payments & Accounts

You can now edit the date of a ‘top up', in case you made a mistake when recording cash/cheques. 

There is now a “Total Cash Received” summary row at the bottom of the Cash Reconciliation grid.

When exporting account statements:

  1. a) you can now choose 'specific student groups'.
  2. b) you can choose to only export *accounts that owe money*

You can now filter the Money Received report by a particular account type (e.g. only show Trips payments).

When logging a bank deposit, the student, bill payer and account type is now shown to help with matching.




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