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Migrating from RM Integris

When migrating to Arbor a member of our onboarding team will be in touch to confirm key dates, for example, your migration date. Please do not upload us your back up data until the agreed migration date.


Data checks

This will need to be completed in advance of your data migration. Please start these checks no later than two weeks before migration.

It is essential that you follow the following steps below to make sure your data is up to date an accurate in RM before migration. If you do not, you will have to merge guardians manually in Arbor once you’ve migrated. Here are the checks:

1. Make sure telephone numbers are in the appropriate fields. We cannot read letters in those fields, so M: 07950 546456 will be just 07950 546456 and will not be connected to M(um).

2. Addresses must have a minimum of one line complete of the address and a postcode.

3. Siblings and their primary guardians should have identical information (title, name, surname and address) across different kids in order to be merged into 1 guardian in Arbor. This includes:

  • Same name (in full, not only initials)
  • Same surname (in full, not only initials)
  • Address populated

4. Please ensure that when checking guardian Emergency Contact information in the student profile, that the column ‘Emrg’ within ‘Contacts & siblings’ is populated with numbers to reflect the order of these guardian’s priorities. Without these numbers, we cannot assign levels of emergency priority contact in Arbor.


5. Allow data sharing on your account to grant us access to your data. To do this, log in to your RM account then navigate to Modules > System Management > RM Integris Datashare. Scroll down and click on your school name. Click the button labelled ‘Enable Access


Migrating your data

1. Send us your login details

Arbor migrates your data directly from your RM account.

To start the process you'll need to send us admin login details for RM, this should be the details of any person in the school that has full system access. Please enter them onto this secure link:

You can enter your credentials at any time, but we will not migrate your data until the agreed date. As RM frequently asks you to change your password, make sure you update this in the secure link.


2. Wait for further instructions

When you have entered your RM credentials to connect your data, we will let you know we have received the information and start the migration process.
As soon as your new Arbor MIS is ready, we will send your key school contacts a welcome email with confirmation your migration is complete and instructions on how to log in to your site. 

3. Resolve any duplicates

RM Integris stores their guardian information differently to Arbor. When importing from RM Integris, we were unable to determine which student each guardian is linked to as RM saves the guardian information differently to Arbor. To prevent this from occurring as much as possible, ensure you complete your data checks before migrating. Therefore you may have some duplicate guardians once your data is migrated. Due to the sensitivity of the data, this is not something we can do programmatically.  

It’s important you take time to resolve these guardians by merging them, as you should only have one profile for a student, guardian or staff member in Arbor. We’ve updated a really useful guide to help you. Please click here to view the guide.
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