October 2017 - Updates to Staff Profiles & Absence Recording


Staff Profiles

1.Staff members joining (and leaving date, if applicable) are now shown at the top of the staff profile in their info panel.

2. When recording staff absences the "Record New Absence" slide over now allows you to choose multiple staff at once - e.g. for logging absences for 3 staff on the same training day.

3.  The Staff Absences Grid now lists absences starting with the most recent at the top.

4.   You can now filter by staff/staff groups on the Staff Absences page.

5.   You can also filter on the individual staff profile page by absence date or category.


Staff Photo Sheets 

Printing off staff photo sheets - just like you are able to for student photo sheets. 



Calendars will default to the much more useful 5-day view by default instead of the monthly view.


Staff Cover

We have now made it easier to choose suitable staff when allocating cover for lessons. 

When choosing staff for cover you can now see each staff member's role/job title when picking cover - e.g. `John Smith (Music Tutor)`

Also, the view will show clearly if they are unavailable - e.g. `John Smith (Unavailable)`

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