October 2017 - Updates to Student Profiles


Student Profile Updates

Planned Absences Now Auto-Unpin

You've always been able to pin planned absences to the top of a student's profile. The problem was they would stay there forever. Now, they will 'auto-unpin' after the end of the planned absence!

You can also choose multiple students or multiple student groups at once when logging planned absences too.

More New Pins 

All these items can now be pinned to the top of student profiles. 

1. Medical Plans

2. Individual Education Plans

3. Dietary Requirements

4. FSM

5. In Care

6.  Service Child

7. Traveller

8. Has Medical Condition

9. Protected Child

10. In Year Admission

11. SEN is replaced with the actual SEN Status (e.g. `EHC Plan` or `SEN Support`)

Please note, these badges will only be visible to staff with the appropriate permissions.


File Attachments

You can now also upload file attachments to:

- SEN Status Assignments

- School Events

- Meetings

- Planned Absences


New CRW field: Previous Postal Addresses

We have created a new field in Custom Report Writer where you can pull out previous postal addresses. This will help output reports with the former postal addresses of students, guardians and staff for safeguarding & statutory compliance reasons.


CTF Export Tweaks

When exporting CTFs, you can now choose multiple groups of students at once.

When viewing historic CTF Exports we now show the name of the school, rather than just their Establishment number.


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