October 2017 - Updates to Reporting Features

Enrolment Statistics & Reporting

1. You can now group by GENDER as an additional option in the Enrolment Statistics page.

2. The Persistent Absentees report now has a checkbox "Only currently enrolled students".

3. Planned Absences, Broken Weeks and Continuous Absence reports are all now downloadable.

4. On the Planned Absences report, you can now bulk delete in case you added lots of notes by mistake.


Lesson Demographic Breakdown

There is now a breakdown of key demographic indicators like Pupil Premium and EAL on the Lesson Demographics page. This will helps teachers quickly see which students in their class belong to these groups.



CTF Export Tweaks

When exporting CTFs, you can now choose multiple groups of students at once.

When viewing historic CTF Exports we now show the name of the school, rather than just their Establishment number.



The Meal Sheet is now available to download and print on a per-sitting basis in addition to All Sittings.









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