Autumn 2018 School Workforce Census

Help and documentation

Please refer to the DfE publication 'School workforce census: a guide to submitting data' for further guidance on uploading your School Workforce Census onto the COLLECT site.

In preparation for the upcoming Census, Arbor offers your school the facility to generate a census dry run two weeks before the statutory data collection period starts

Here is the link to the 2018 DfE document which will help with any queries generated on the dry run. 

If you are new to Arbor read all about Census Dry Runs here.


Important dates

School Workforce Census Dry Run facility will become live on Thursday 25th October 2018

School Workforce Census 2018/19 date is Thursday 8th November 2018

School Workforce Census 2018/19 deadline for submitting your data is Thursday 6th December 2018


How to generate a dry-run

School > Data > Export > Data Returns > Select School Workforce Census




You can start preparing from today by checking that all staff details are correct and up to date.

Items to check for include

  • Name
  • Gender
  • DOB
  • Ethnicity
  • NI number 
  • Teacher Number

To view and update different types of staff data by section, go to School > Data > Data Quality Dashboard > Select Staff

This will expand to allow you to see this menu:


Staff can update their own data when they are logged into your school site.  From their login page, they just need to click on My Items > My Account and check their information is correct and up to date.


Is there a way to see all the missing data at once?

To view and update different types of staff data all at once, go to School > Data > Data Quality Dashboard > Select School Workforce Census. This area will also list any missing information from Staff Profiles that is required to be submitted to the Census.



Other Useful Checks

Follow the route School > All Staff  > HR Admin



Allowances - Check all allowances used by your school are recorded here. (Our guide on Allowances

Checks - View a list of checks and see if staff have had a QTS check. (Our guide on Checks)

Contracts - Check all staff have contract details completed (Our guide on updating Contracts

Pay Scales - Are all the pay scales in use by your school entered here. (Our guide on updating Pay Scales)

Positions - Is each position in your school entered on here? Remember to enter the position and not the person e.g you should have 1 position for teacher that is held by X staff (Our guide on Positions)

Superannuation Scheme - Are these all listed and correct? (Our guide on Superannuation Schemes)

Once you have generated a dry run you may have some Errors or Queries that need to be fixed.

Head over to our section on the most common error codes and how to fix them.

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