SWF Census - Query 4746Q

Query 4746Q 

The open contract for this member of staff is less than .5 hours per week.

Please check if this is a 0 hours contract it should be removed from the return.


A contract has been added with less than .5 hours per week for a staff member. If this is incorrect all you have to do is go on the staff contract and amend their working hours by going to the Salary Section.


If this is correct, you can still submit the census as this is only a query. Please note that an explanation will need to be entered on COLLECT.

Alternatively, if the staff member is on a zero-hours contract, please remove them from the Census return. You can do this by going to the staff profile and scrolling down to the Employment and Financial section. Click the 'Include in school workforce census' row to amend.

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