ParentMail and Arbor integration - Student and Staff Templates

If you are using ParentMail alongside Arbor, it's possible to update Student/Guardian and Staff data within ParentMail via CSV extracts from Arbor. This article explains how to set up the required reports.

Note: You should first contact ParentMail to let them know you're using Arbor prior to importing any reports - they'll then be able to advise if any steps are required on their side prior to importing reports from Arbor.


Important information

We have two sets of report templates available for Student/Guardian data:
  1. ParentMail - Student Parent (includes ALL GUARDIANS for students, regardless of contact priority.)
  2. ParentMail - Student Parent - Legal Guardians Only (includes ALL LEGAL GUARDIANS for students, regardless of contact priority.)
Please see this article if you're unsure of how to set or adjust Legal Guardian statuses for your students' guardians.

You should only make changes to the Student Parent reports within the Custom Report Writer if you want to filter out guardians based on their emergency contact priority. For example, you may only wish to see guardians with Priority Contact 1. You can see and update the emergency contact priority for guardians by going to Students > Parents & Guardians > Bulk Update > Guardian Contact Details.

Please note that any changes to the report, other than adding a filter to show specific contacts, may have cause errors or data issues within ParentMail.

Creating the report

Step 1 - Download the appropriate Report templates

Download the appropriate .report template files (click the links below, or the attachments at the bottom of the article) and save the file(s) on your computer until they are needed in the next steps. All report templates are available using either Legal Names or Preferred Names - if you're unsure as to which template you need, please contact ParentMail's support, who will be able to advise you on this.

Staff Report (Legal Names)

Staff Report (Preferred Names)

Student/Parent Report [All Legal Guardians - Legal Names]

Student/Parent Report [All Legal Guardians - Preferred Names]

Student/Parent Report [All Guardians - Legal Names]

Student/Parent Report [All Guardians - Preferred Names]

Step 2 - Log into Arbor and import the templates using the Custom Report Writer
Do not open the template. You can then import it into your site by following these instructions: Importing a report
Step 3 - Download the Report

Download the file in CSV format by clicking on the Download button and choosing the CSV option.

The file will be saved to your computer's default downloads folder.

Step 4 - Convert the report using Excel

Unfortunately, CSV files produced by Arbor are not directly compatible with ParentMail's import mechanism - they will need to be converted to a compatible CSV format using Microsoft Excel.

To convert the file(s) to the required CSV format, please follow these steps:

  1. Open the CSV file you've downloaded from Arbor using Excel.
  2. Head to File > Save As
  3. Dependent on the type of computer you're using, the next step may look slightly different:
    • If you're using a Mac, select the File Format 'Comma-separated Values (.csv)' and click Save.ParentMail_Student_Excel.png
    • If you're using Windows, select the option 'CSV Comma-delimited)' and click Save.ParentMailWindows.png
  4.  Once you've saved the file in the correct format, you can then upload this into ParentMail.



It is also possible to create ParentMail reports for your pre-admission students. We have templates for both in-year pre-admissions, and pre-admissions for the next academic year. Simply download the template you require, and then follow steps 2-4 above to set up and export the report. If you'd like your pre-admissions to go into a separate group on ParentMail, rather than their future Year Group/Registration Form, you'll need to adjust these columns once the report has downloaded (for example, replacing both the Year Group and Registration Form with 'Pre-Admission').

In-Year Admissions - Legal Guardians Only (Legal Names)

In-Year Admissions - Legal Guardians Only (Preferred Names)

Next Year Admissions - Legal Guardians Only (Legal Names)

Next Year Admissions - Legal Guardians Only (Preferred Names)

Please note: Applicants in Arbor must have reached the status of 'Enrolled' in order to be included in the reports.

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