ParentMail and Arbor integration - Student and Staff Templates

Using ParentMail? Here is how you can easily update your student or staff's data from Arbor.

Note: Please contact ParentMail before doing any of these steps so that they are aware that you are now using ARBOR, as there might be some changes they need to do from their end.


Important information

This report automatically shows all Guardians. 
Please do not make any changes to this report within the Custom Report Writer unless you want to filter out guardians based on priority. For example, you may only wish to see guardians with Priority Contact 1. You can see and update what priority guardians have by going to Students > Parents & guardians > Bulk Update > Guardian Contact Details.
Any other changes to the report other than adding a filter to show specific contacts may have unintended consequences such as duplicate files or errors.

Creating the report

Download the appropriate report (click the attachments at the bottom of the article) and save the file on your computer until it's needed in the next steps.

Log in to Arbor and click on School > Custom report writer and the reporter page will load. Click on the green 'Create New Report' button and scroll down and click on 'Import a report'.

Locate the report file you previously saved on your computer. Click on 'Upload' and your ParentMail file will be ready.



Download the file in .csv format by clicking on the download button and choosing the format.

Do not open the CVS files you have downloaded from Arbor or try to edit or save it. These actions can break the structure, meaning you may not be able to import it into ParentMail. It may also cause incorrect data to be imported into ParentMail.

Save this new file on your computer. Upload this file to your ParentMail system. 



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