How do I use Auto Enrolments?

Auto enrolments can be created to allow groups of students who will take several subjects together to be enrolled in one place which will then feed into a class. Please see below for some tips on when you should & should not use this function.

Auto Enrolments are available from the House, Registration Forms, and Teaching Groups areas under Students > Enrolment

To add an auto enrolment:

1) Click the Add button next to Automatic Enrolments into Courses


2) Select the courses you wish to be fed into by the group


3) Click Add Automatic Enrolments


What can I use auto enrolments for? (examples)

1) A registration form (which is automatically auto enrolled into the registration course page - do NOT remove this unless you take register in another period) which also takes General Studies. 

2) Teaching Groups which takes Maths, English, and Science together. (Create Teaching Groups, auto enrol to related subject classes)

3) A House which all take assembly together (Enrol students to house, and auto enrol to assembly) 


When should I avoid using Auto Enrolments?

1) You have subject that has students who may move in and out of different classes within the year. You could use Teaching Groups with Interventions, however it is recommended that you keep this kind of subject separate from any auto enrolments.

2) You wish to change to sets or options, or make any changes to a course or class enrolment within the academic year. In this instance, you are advised to enrol students onto the individual courses.


What if I've changed my mind?

If you decide that you no longer wish to use an auto enrolment, but wish to keep the courses, and enrolled students, please follow this guide.

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