How Do I Setup Timetables for Submodules, Courses & Lessons?

It is important to get the structure correct in order to be able to set up courses to be assessable, and for students to be enrolled in the right areas. In light of this, the following configuration and naming convention is recommended (please see the gif at the bottom of this page for the process): 

>Subject 1

>Year 1

>Year 1 – Subject 1 - Class a
>Year 1 – Subject 1- Class b

>Year 2

>Year 2 – Subject 1 - Class a
>Year 2 – Subject 1- Class b

>Subject 2

>Year 1

>Year 1 – Subject 2 - Class a
>Year 1 – Subject 2- Class b

>Year 2

>Year 2 – Subject 2 - Class a
>Year 2 – Subject 2- Class b



>Year 7

>Yr7 Maths Set 1
>Yr7 Maths Set 2

>Year 8

>Yr8 Maths Set 1
>Yr8 Maths Set 2


>Year 7

>Yr7 Eng Set 1
>Yr7 Eng Set 2

>Year 8

>Yr8 Eng Set 1
>Yr8 Eng Set 2

Timetable setup

If you have created your timetables in a spreadsheet, or on paper, it is recommended that you follow these steps:

  1. create the subjects down to the class level as above.
  2. Open your first subject (browse to courses, open course, click on the submodule for the class
  3. Create the scheduled lessons
  4. Mark your spreadsheet each time you schedule a lesson
  5. Repeat until complete

Setting up a course

Go to School> Programmes> Current yearSecondary_Courses.gif


Scheduling lessons


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