Setting up Internal Exclusions

Internal exclusions can be set up in Students > Behaviour > Setup. Select the Internal Exclusions tab. This section allows you to define the different types of internal exclusion you will be setting up.

Top Tip: If you need to access this page you'll need the School: Action: Behaviour: Administer or the School: Policy: Behaviour: Behaviour Policy permission. See how your admin team can give you this permission in this article.


Step 1 - Manage your Internal Exclusion reasons

To add a new reason, click +Add in the Internal Exclusion reasons section. 



Add the reason name, then click the green button to add it. Users will then be able to select this reason when assigning an internal exclusion.



Any unwanted reasons (Arbor or user-defined) can be ‘archived’, or you can modify the names of reasons you have already created (if you have not yet recorded internal exclusions using this reason). 

To archive an Arbor-defined reason, click the reason, then click Archive.



To archive or modify the name of a User-defined reason, click the reason.

Note that changing the name of a reason will also change any historic references to this internal exclusion reason. Please archive this reason and create a new one if you do not wish to change any historic references.



You can see and unarchive your archived reasons if you select Archived reasons and click Apply.



Step 2 - Add your Internal Exclusion types

Click +Add to create new Internal Exclusion types.



Add an internal exclusion name, then click the green button.



After creating the Internal Exclusion it will take you automatically to the Timetable setup or you can come back to this later. (If you choose to do this later just highlight the Internal exclusion that needs to be timetabled e.g Periods 1 and 2 and click on this exclusion type. This will take you to the Timetable Setup overview.) 

Go to the Timetable tab, then click +Add in the Timetable section. 



This will allow you the choice of creating a one-off or a regularly occurring internal exclusion. Select which type to create.



If you choose to create a repeating session, you can choose the dates the session should run on.




When the internal exclusion has been successfully timetabled, you can start adding students and additional staff to the sessions.



Just click the session to add students.



If you select to add students, you can then provide the reasons for adding them.



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