Internal Exclusions overview and statistics

Internal exclusions can be accessed by navigating to Students > Behaviour > Internal Exclusions on the navigation bar.

Daily Attendance Page

The Daily Attendance Page allows the user to view and administer the internal exclusions taking place that day.

From this page, you can add students and staff to that day’s sessions.

By clicking on the event row in the table and selecting ‘More information’ you reach the 'Internal Exclusion' session page.




Internal Exclusion session page

The session page allows you to;

  • Open and reopen the attendance register
  • Manage behaviour incidents
  • Review the details surrounding the student’s internal exclusions
  • Add staff members to the internal exclusion
  • Add notes and attachments
  • Cancel the internal exclusion session

By clicking on the student’s attendance mark cell, you can see the list of lessons/sessions that the student is missing as a result of attending the internal exclusion.




The ‘Overview’ page allows you to view a report of all the internal exclusions that have taken place over a set time period.



The filters allow you to select the date range, student groups and the internal exclusion type you would like to view.

Click on the grey bar at the top of the page to access the filter settings.




The Statistics page displays the total number of internal exclusions and allows the user to implement groupings such as by student, gender, ethnicity etc.  It also shows the number of hours a student has spent outside of normal lessons.


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