How will teachers know a student is enrolled in an internal exclusion?

From the lesson dashboard

If a student is enrolled in an internal exclusion and they are scheduled to be in a timetabled lesson, the member of staff leading the lesson will be informed via the ‘Lesson Dashboard’ and on the attendance register.

The collapsed status bar informs the member of staff how many students will be missing for that lesson.

The names of the students are revealed when the status bar is expanded.

Further information such as the internal exclusions location, time, lead staff member and most importantly, the student’s attendance mark can be viewed by clicking on the student's name and revealing the slide over.



In Attendance Registers

The times that students are scheduled to be out of lesson are also shown on the attendance registers.

No further information is given so that other students do not see the reasons why the student is out of the lesson.



Viewing what lessons a student will miss

When a student is enrolled in an internal exclusion, which lessons are they missing?

If a student is enrolled in an internal exclusion, you may need to know which lessons the student is missing that day.

Especially if you need to contact the student’s class teachers to request work for them to complete.  

Also if an internal exclusion is only scheduled for part of the day, you might need to know which lesson to send the student to at the end of the internal exclusion period.

Clicking on any student’s attendance mark in the ‘Internal Exclusion session’ screen will reveal a chronologically sorted list of sessions that the student is enrolled in that day.



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