How can I analyse Curriculum Tracking results using the Analysis Overview page?

Go to Students > Assessments > Formative Tracking > Analysis.

This Overview page provides a snapshot of where the selection of students are in their mastery of the selected curriculum.



Using the filters box have the option to choose to view the data for different curriculums, modules, students and more. 

You can also view by different grade sets if you are using more than one in school.



Curriculum Mastery - Curriculum Mastery refers to the average mark a student has out of the entire curriculum they are being assessed against. If a student was being assessed on a curriculum with 10 statements and only had 5 statements marked, the average comes from those 5 statements/10.

Average Mark - The Average Mark is the average mark a student has ONLY on the curriculum statements that have been assessed. (If only 5 statements out of 10 have been marked then it is the overall average of the 5 marked statements.)

Curriculum Completion - The Curriculum Completion is the % of the curriculum which has a mark against it. It is calculated by dividing the total number of statements assessed by the total number of possible statements.

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