Setting up the P Scale Mark sheets and input marks

Setting up P Level Assessments 

To give P level students a P grade, you must first set up a standard marksheet in Students > assessments > DfE Assessments and fill in all the grades.

The students you would like to include in the P Scale mark sheet should be given a grade of BLW.



Once the BLW grade is added for all students, click on the orange button, at the top of the mark sheet, called Setup P-Scale Assessments.



After clicking on the button, a slide over will load confirming the students that have been given BLW.



If the list is correct click on Setup P-Scale Assessments.



A notice will pop up, this is to confirm that setting up the assessments might take a few minutes.

Once set up, the assessments will be available on the Standardised Assessments dashboard. 


Inputting P Level Grades

To enter the P grades go to Students > assessments > DfE Assessments.

The list of assessments will load and at the bottom, you will be able to see the P level assessments. These will usually be titled P-Scales Subject, for example, P-Scales English.



Click on the assessment you want to grade and once the slide overloads, click on Input Marks.



The mark sheet will then populate, with only the P level students. Click through the students and enter their P grades.


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