Reporting on your Curriculum Tracking results


Go to Students > Assessments > Formative Tracking > Analysis > Reporting

The reporting page gives an overview of students mastery, average mark & curriculum completion across your chosen time period. (This could be monthly, half termly, termly or annually - the flexibility is in the filters to choose your time frame.)

On this page you can also choose to view your marks using different grade sets. This lets you display your data in a range of different ways for different audiences.

The reporting page is designed to inform you about the progress of individual students over the year to date.

You might notice that Child A has gone from being On Track to being Below in the summer term. Something like this may create a cause for concern that can be raised with the teacher. Or you may see a big leap in attainment as a direct result of a child being part of an intervention programme.




Go to Students > Assessments > Formative Tracking > Analysis > Comparison

The Comparison page shows you the % of students falling within each marking grade across a selection of different subjects or even just a single subject.

The Comparison page is useful if your school Assessment Lead wants to view all assessments for a particular group of students (e.g. Maths, Reading & Writing for all year 3 students) to identify which subjects/assessments are a cause for concern.

They could see from the data on the Comparison page the in Year 3, maths and reading has the majority of students at secure, however, writing has a large number of student still developing - this might make the assessment lead to ask why attainment in writing is lower.

Within settings, you can choose the Curriculum you want to view, grade set, students and any groupings such as EAL v not EAL as well if you wish. 




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