Editing a course timetable manually

Firstly access the course that needs to be changed. Go to School > Programmes > Current year Courses. Select the required course.



You can see the scheduled lessons in the Classes & Lessons section.



To edit a scheduled lesson, click the lesson. Click the orange Edit button.



If you want to change the time of the lesson timetable slot, do not change the times of the current class, as these changes will also affect previous classes and existing attendance marks.

Instead, we advise ending the current timetabled session on the date the last class will run at this time, then adding a new timetabled class to start.

In the slide over, add an effective end date. This is the last day classes will run at this date and time. Then click Save Changes.



You will be asked to confirm your choice.



Then click +Add to add an alternative class for the next set of classes with the required dates/times.



In the slide over, add the new times and dates of the sessions, then click Save Changes.



Your new timetable slot will then be scheduled. 


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