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Please note the instructions below are only applicable to our Schools in Saudi Arabia (and not DfE schools), as some aspects of the MIS may differ by country.


The Monthly report is now available on all the Interserve sites and can be found by following the path, Institutions > Data> Export> College of Excellent Reports.

On the left hand navigation, you need to select ‘Monthly Reports’, this takes you to the Monthly Attendance Reports. The reports are broken down into, Courses, Sessions, Students and Monthly Attendance as per the COE Reporting date ranges and requirements. Below, is a more detailed explanation of each tab.



The first tab ‘Courses’, shows you all the courses for the given term. Included in the grid are Course Majors, Grade Types and Level Type. If you wish to navigate to any of the Course Majors or Courses, (referred to as Programmes and Instances in Arbor, see Programme Enrolment document for more guidance), simply select the course you wish to view and you will be redirected to the programme instance page.



The second tab ‘Sessions’, displays all the details for the individual session codes. The columns display the Course Code, Session Code, Start Date, End Date and Month 1 to Month 4 possible sessions. If you wish to see which students are enrolled in each session, select the session cell. If you want to see the breakdown of all the possible sessions per month, select the cell under each month and Arbor generates a list of all the sessions.



The ‘Students’ tab shows all students enrolment for that period of time. The table shows Course Code, Session Code, Student ID and Status, Student Session Date. Again, if you want any further information on the student’s enrolment select the row, a slide over will appear which will show more detail. You can also bulk withdraw students from this page.


Attendance Monthly Tabs:

The Attendance Month tabs are created on a Monthly basis, therefore they will appear at the end of each month. These tabs will show the Course Code, Session Code, Student ID, Number of Attended Hours, Excused Hours, Extra Hours and OJT Hours. If you want to check any of the hours for any of the students, please select the cell you wish to see and a slide over will appear with a list of all of the lessons during that time period.

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