Weekly Attendance Report


Please note the instructions below are only applicable to our Schools in Saudi Arabia (and not DfE schools), as some aspects of the MIS may differ by country.


The attendance report, which can be located by clicking on Institution > Data > Export > College of Excellence Reports > Attendance Report.

It is important to note that although you can choose any date range, this report is specifically built to load weekly attendance. To change the week, click on the current dates and update accordingly and click on Save Settings.


The report will automatically generate the previous weeks attendance data, by student, within their programme.

The report will automatically load:

  • Student ID
  • Programme
  • Session Code
  • Attended Sessions
  • Excused Sessions
  • OJT Sessions
  • Extra Time Sessions



To check that the attendance amount is correct, click on it and a slide over will load. The slide over will populate all sessions with that specific attendance type.


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