Analysis (Legacy) - Progress Over Time

Go to Students > Assessments > Summative Tracking > Analysis >  Progress Over Time.

Progress over Time allows you to see the average mark over time for the students selected. This information can also be viewed on the 'table' tab in table format - which is also downloadable.


You can use the filters at the top of the page (in the green text) to view student groups, change the assessment/year group etc. 

Grouping can also be used to compare groups such as male/female or EAL vs non-EAL.  






The progress over time chart allows you to identify trends across periods of time.

This is a really useful page for comparisons across classes. If one class out of a 4 form entry school was performing worse than the other 3, this would jump out at you.

The page opens up conversations about teaching and learning.

If targets are set then grey and orange bands will appear with the on-track band showing as white. Hovering your mouse pointer above any of the individual data cells will pop up a tooltip.



This will provide a description on the data in question, with an option to click on 'More Information' that will open a slide-over menu with further options such as follow-ups such as contacting guardians or adding to intervention/custom groups.


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