GLD Calculations in Custom Report Writer

GLD for 2022

Please note that it is not currently possible to use the instructions below to report on GLD for 2022 data, only data from 2019 and prior. If you'd like us to consider adding this, please submit your feedback here: DfE Assessments 2022

You can see how to analyse GLS for 2022 here: How can I analyse my DfE statutory assessments in Arbor?


You can create a report to view whether students are meeting or not meeting the Good Level of Development (GLD) based on the statutory Foundation Stage Profile assessment.

Before using the report

To view the GLD, first enter data for the Foundation Stage Profile assessment in the Students > assessments > DfE Assessments section of Arbor. You can see how to do this here: Completing the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile (EYFSP).

Once this data has been input, you can analyse your data using our out-of-the-box report, or create your own report.

Using our out-of-the-box report

Go to School > Custom Report Writer > Create a new report. Select the GLD template.



Select your date range, then add any additional columns if needed. Click Skip setup wizard to jump straight to the editor and view your report.



You can then see students and whether they have made a good level of development.



Creating a bespoke report with GLD fields

Go to School > Custom Report Writer > Create a new report. Add a name for your report, and select that your report is about Students, then click Next.

Select a date range for your report, then click Next.



Type 'gld' into the search box, then drag and drop the field into the column on the right-hand side.



A slide over will appear where you can select the area of development, the format of the column, and what to include in the summary row. Then click Save.



You can add the column multiple times to select different areas of development.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to skip the remaining steps of the setup wizard.



You will be taken to the report edit page. Click the green button the view the report.

You will see your report that automatically calculates the GLD for your cohort, showing an ‘x’ for not met and a tick for met.


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