Inputting marks into standardised assessments

Go to Students > Assessments > DfE Assessments.



Click into the assessment you would like to input marks for and click the Input Marks button. 




Next, to the student's name click into the blank box to select a grade to input.



You can also bulk upload marks by ticking the box beside students who all have the same mark and bulk updating these.




What codes can be used?

For all assessments (KS1 and KS2) make sure you set up P-scales for all students given the BLW code. 

For KS2 Reading and Maths, you only need to add a mark if the student has been given the BLW code. Otherwise, leave the box blank.

For more information about the teacher assessment grades you can give and what they all mean, see the DfE guides. Click here for KS1 and here for KS2.



Other Actions

To add students requiring extra help straight into interventions, you can complete bulk actions. Just tick the boxes on the right-hand side then click the blue pencil icon.


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