How can I track completion of registers?


Please note the instructions below are only applicable to our Schools in Saudi Arabia (and not DfE schools), as some aspects of the MIS may differ by country.


Incomplete Registers - Teacher's View

All teachers will have an alert, under favourite links within the dashboard, of their incomplete registers. 


Clicking on the alert will load a list of all of the incomplete registers.  


Clicking on one of the registers will load the Take Register page.



Incomplete Registers - Administrator's View

The team can keep track on the register status by clicking on Students > Attendance > Incomplete Registers.

A table will load with three different tabs; Unopened, Incomplete. Validation Errors




Unopened - Registers that the teacher hasn't clicked on yet.

Incomplete - Registers that were started by the teacher but not completed

Validation Errors - Errors within registers


Incomplete Registers - Following up with teachers

You can easily followup with teachers, on their incomplete and unopened registers, by going onto Students > Attendance > Incomplete Registers.

Once on the page, tick the lessons you want to followup on and then click on the green pen to send a reminder.


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