Transferring multiple students to another Programme or Instance


Please note the instructions below are only applicable to our Schools in Saudi Arabia (and not DfE schools), as some aspects of the MIS may differ by country.


The transferring of multiple students from one programme can be done by going on the instance page, this can be accessed by going on Institution > School Structure > Programmes of study > Click on a programme> Click on the instance.


The first step is to withdraw the students from their current instance by:

  • Going in the Instance Page.
  • Ticking the students you need to transfer.
  • Clicking on the green pen at the top and choosing to withdraw them.
  • Slide over loads, enter withdrawal reason and date.



As soon as all the students are withdrawn, go onto their new instance and click on the Add (+) button.


A slide over will then load and add:

  • Student names (multiple can be added)
  • Programme start date
  • Programme expected end date
  • Teaching group



Once all of the above is completed the students would have transferred from one instance to another. 

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