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How do I bulk edit marks?


Please note the instructions below are only applicable to our Schools in Saudi Arabia (and not DfE schools), as some aspects of the MIS may differ by country.

Please note: Bulk editing cannot be done for future registers. Please instead schedule planned absences for the relevant students. To see how to do this, click here 

Bulk Editing Marks

To Bulk edit marks you must first follow - students - attendance - bulk edit marks on the left hand side.

Once in the section you will be allowed to bulk update attendance mark onto a group of students.This can be done by going through the below steps:


1) Firstly Click on Settings.

2) Choose a date range (not longer then 2 months) and student group.


3) Tick the students that will be given the same mark and then click on the green pencil.


4) Choose between either Present or Absent.


5) Once either Present or Absent is chosen a slide over will appear. If Absent was chosen a specific absent reason will need to be added in the slide over.


6) In the slide over for both Present and Absent the specific roll call/lesson that needs updating has to be ticked.


7) Once everything in the slide over is updated just click on Save Changes.


 Multiple students can also be ticked and linked to both Interventions and Custom Groups.

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