Creating a Staff Training Course

Navigate to the Training Course page by selecting School > All Staff > Staff Development > Training Courses.

This will bring you to the Training Courses page.

From here you can add new Training Courses and view the Training Courses that have already been created.



Click on the green Add+ symbol.

A slide over will appear for you to enter details about the training course you are creating. 

Enter the:

  • Title
  • A short description of the course (optional)
  • Organizer (optional)
  • Course fees (optional)
  • Other costs (optional)

Then click the green 'Create training course' button.




Your Training Course will now be listed on the Training Courses page.

Next, you will want to add a Training Event for this course and add staff members. Click on the Training Course name and a slide over will appear showing the course details.

Select 'More' to reach the Training Course Overview page.



Click on the ‘Add Event’ button.



A slide over will appear for you to enter details about the Training Event you are creating.

Enter the:

  • Title
  • Start date and time
  • End date and time
  • Location

Then click the green 'Add Training Event' button.



To add staff members to the training course, click Add symbol to start adding staff members to the staff Training Course.



A slide over will appear for you to select staff members to add onto the Training Course. Clicking on the down arrow in the 'Persons' box will bring up staff members’ names to select or you can start typing the names to select from a subset of staff members.

If fees are to be recorded for each staff member, the details can be added here.


To save click the green 'Add Persons' button.

The members of staff attending this Event will now be listed on the Training Course Overview page.



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