Increased Permission Security for Registers


Permissions around who can access and take registers have recently been tightened up which may result in some staff not being able to access registers, when previously they could.

The permission of “Attendance: My Students” was previously allowing staff to take attendance registers for ANY teacher, as opposed to just the students assigned to them as the permission suggests "my Students' not 'All Students'.

If you have a member of staff who can no longer access registers they need to take choose the option that will best fit their needs from below;



Add the teacher as an Academic Lead to the course in question - 

School > Programmes > 2017/2018 courses > Select Course > Under Academic Lead heading - Add relevant teacher > Add Lead



Add the "Attendance: Administer All Students" permission to a business role or specific teacher.

This will allow the user to take attendance registers for ANY class.

To add the permission to a Business Role follow these steps;

School> Users & Security> Click Business Role> Under Role Permissions click +Add button> Type "Attendance: Administer All Students"> Add Default Permission

To add the permission to an Individual User follow these steps;

Type the staff member's name into the search box in the top right-hand corner.


Select Permissions from the left-hand menu.


Next, select to +Add an Ad Hoc Permission


In the slide over scroll you choose the Ad Hoc permission by clicking on the 'permissions' box and scrolling down to Student Profile: Attendance: Administer All Students


** Please Note** You may need to contact the Arbor Customer Team to assume responsibility for managing permissions in school. 

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