Simplified Navigation for Enrolment and Users


To navigate between different enrolment areas, users had to go back through the top navigation area every time. This has now been simplified and you only have to select 'Enrolment' to see all the possible places you may need to enrol a student.

Students > Enrolment

All areas where a student can be enrolled are now shown on the left-hand menu including:

Pastoral, Academic, Ad Hoc, Clubs, Interventions and Custom Groups.


In the ‘old’ navigation the two options (Dashboard and Review) were two separate sub navigation items relating to one area, these have now gone into two tabs on the same page.

One called “Listing” (previously Dashboard) and the other called “Enrolment” (previously Review).

The ‘new’ areas that have been added to the enrolments menu are STILL ACCESSIBLE from the places where you used to be able to access them.

You can still get to:

   Courses from School > Programmes > Courses

   Programmes from School > School Structure > Programmes of Study

   Custom Group from School > School Structure > Custom Group


Users & Roles Changes

Users and Roles is now called 'Users and Security'

To access the user and roles section you used to have select from Business Roles, Password Rules, Permissions, or Users from the main users menu.

This has been condensed and simplified so that you can access all these areas with fewer clicks and less navigation!

School > Users & Security

All areas connected to the administration of users are now shown on the left-hand menu of the Users & Security dashboard.




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