Atomwide / LGFL

1. Obtain an LGfL Autoupdate license key and password

  • Your Headteacher must log in to LGfL Support Site at
  • Select User Accounts > Autoupdate Settings > School Licence Key
  • You should phone the LGfL support desk at 020 8255 5555, option 3


2. Create an LGfL Export

Enter your username and password into the new Automatic LGfL Export section on arbor - (School > Data > Export > LGfL Export)

This will trigger a job to be started which takes around 5 mins to complete. If this job fails, we will get in touch with our technical contact at LGfL. However, failure is unlikely as in testing, the integration was confirmed 100% successful.

This will also load in a regularly scheduled job that runs around 3am every morning Monday - Friday. This will be an automatic synchronization job.

You will be able to see that the job has completed successfully every morning by returning to this LGfL Automatic Export page.


3. Enable Selected Reports

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