How do I update the Guardian Profile?

To access the Guardian Profile you can select the parent's name listed under 'Guardians of [Student Name]", alternatively select view student profile > Family Guardian Contacts. 


You can also search directly for the guardian in the search bar




The identity section shows the guardians 'name' and 'relationship to pupil' information including collection details.


Any information with the Parent_Portal___Student_profile.jpg symbol to the right of it can be amended. To edit the details click on the specific part and update the slide over accordingly. 

To mark a guardian as deceased, click the row containing 'Date of Birth' and click the 'Mark as Deceased. 



Contact Details

In the contact details part of the profile, the guardian's contact details can be edited. Click on the contact and update the slide over accordingly.


To add another email address, phone number or address, click the (+) Add button. A pop-up will appear with the options listed.


Select the relevant option and add the requested information and save


User Details

This section shows the guardian their login details for the Parent Portal. Please note the username is not editable.

The password can be edited by clicking on the current one.


A slide-over will appear, enter the current password, add the new password and click on "Change Password".


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