How do I set up Detentions?

Detentions Types is where detentions are created and saved in Students >  Behaviour > Incidents > Setup > Detention Types 

To create and schedule a detention click on +Add on the right-hand side of the page.

A slide over will appear to Add Detention Type for Academic Year.



The detention you have just created will now be listed in the Detentions Type Table.

Clicking on a detention in the table will take you to the Detention Overview.

Here there is an Overview tab and a Timetable tab.



Click on the Timetable tab and then the green +Add button to schedule detention sessions.

You can schedule one-off or regular sessions, simply click on the option you want to create.



This will take you to a slide over where you are able to enter all the details about the detention session you are setting up.

You can delete a detention session by clicking on   in the Detention Overview tab.

The detention session or sessions you have created will now be visible on the Detentions Dashboard in under the Upcoming Detentions tab.

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