Roll Call Times

What are Roll Calls and how are Roll Call marks calculated?

Roll call marks are statutory (legal) attendance marks that the school has to submit to the Department for Education (DfE) as part of the School Census. A roll call is taken twice a day, once for AM and once for PM.

In Arbor, Roll Call marks are derived from the 'best attendance marks' taken between the school’s AM or PM roll call times. For example, if a student is attending an intervention during Roll Call time and is marked absent in their class register, they will be marked present in Roll Call as long as they are marked present in the intervention.

The 'best mark' can include lesson attendance, interventions and internal exclusion attendance marks.

Lessons must be scheduled within Roll Call times for attendance marks to be used in the 'best mark' calculation. If your lessons take place outside your Roll Call times, (e.g. Roll call Is 12:30-12:45, but lessons actually start at 12:55) no statutory marks will be recorded.

Please note: When we import marks from another MIS, we only import the Roll Call marks. Imported marks can be edited using the ‘Edit Imported Marks’ page (Attendance> Admin> Edit Imported Marks).


How do I set up Roll Calls?

Go to Students > Attendance > Admin > Roll call setup. Here you can see any roll call times you already have set up.

From this page you will be able to set up AM/PM Roll Call times by following the below steps:

 1. Click on the + Sign for either Morning/Afternoon.



2. In the slide over then update the times and from when the roll calls will take effect. Once updated click on Add Roll Call Time.



All dates must be covered by a Roll Call time. If your dates are not covered you will receive an error message:



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