Attendance on the Student Profile


An attendance dashboard is available on a student's profile, by clicking on the Attendance link on the left.


This dashboard is made up of a number of KPIs that display statistics on the particular student's present, unauthorised and authorised absence. 


Future planned absences are also displayed on this page, allowing you to record upcoming planned absences for the student. 



You can review a student's attendance statistics through a detailed report that is accessible through the particular student profile and then clicking on Attendance on the left, and then clicking on Statistics link. 


The statistics table includes a number of tabs that show different attendance data format. The default table displays key attendance measures including percentage presence and absent statistics. 


The 'Over Time' tab on this page displays a chart highlighting the student's attendance over time. 


The 'Mark Breakdown' tab presents a breakdown of the different attendance marks linked with the student including statistics as shown below. 


Another tab is available that compares the particular student's attendance along with different student groups.



Attendance reports are exportable through a student profile, by locating the profile and then clicking on the 'Attendance' link on the left in order to the click on the 'Reports' link. 


You can input the requested information in order to export the particular student's attendance certificate for the full academic year or else for a particular time-frame. 


Additionally, this page allows you to review an audit of changes applied within the student's attendance marks, by clicking on the 'Audit History' tab. 


By date

A student's attendance marks are listed in full for the academic year and any marks that have been recorded are displayed with an appropriate icon. The landing page considers all lessons that the student is linked with, however, you can review statutory morning and afternoon marks by clicking on the Statutory/Roll Call tab.


You can update attendance marks by selecting the particular days and then clicking the highlighted green pencil in order to then select the appropriate option as shown below. 


If a bulk option is selected, a slide-over will be displayed in order to apply the appropriate attendance mark on the selected days, by specifying whether you would like to update all morning and/or afternoon roll calls or otherwise update individual sessions. 


‘Where is this student now?’

We show marks for all sessions, not just lessons, that a student is set to attend, on the Attendance > Marks by Date page on their profile. This will help you quickly work out where to find a student, and tell when a student is missing a lesson due to an intervention or internal exclusion rather than absence.



Planned absences

You can review a student's planned absences by going to the respective profile and then clicking on 'Attendance' on the left, and then clicking on 'Planned Absences & Notes' link.


This page displays all planned absences that the student is currently linked with, or a planned absence for future dates. 


You can click on any planned absence record in order to review this in detail including adding attachments or otherwise edit this information. 


You can record a planned absence by clicking on the orange 'Record Planned Absence button'.

A slide over will appear and this is where to enter the information.



You have the choice to select the tick-box to pin this absence onto the top of Student Profile. (This will auto unpin when the planned absence has passed.)

You can also upload attachments to support this planned absence eg hospital letters.

Click on "Record Planned Absence" button to save. 


Register follow up history

You can review all attendance register follow-up messages that are linked with a particular student by locating their student profile and then clicking on 'Attendance' link on the left, and clicking on 'Follow-up History' link.


This page lists all registers that have had a follow-up message corresponding to them, as per the table shown below. This table is downloadable to a number of different formats, by clicking on the Download drop-down menu.


Previous Schools

Here you can see a student's past institution information if it has been imported from a previous MIS or from CTFs. As this data is for reference only, is not editable, and does not contribute towards attendance calculations.



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